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When it comes to website design there are mainly three options; either build it yourself using a website building platform, or code it from scratch, or hire a professional to do it for you. And to be fair, none of these options is for free. 

If you are looking for professional help with web design in Galway and need someone to design it for you, check out The Gorilla Digital! We are a digital marketing company that provides website design at an affordable price along with various special benefits.  

Simplistic Modern Website Designs

We are in the age of minimalism. All those tacky, colourful, sparkling dashboards and buttons don’t look good anymore. This is why we have taken the simplistic and modern approach to design websites. 

After learning from the client about what their expectations are regarding the website, we design them to be very simple and professional looking. If you have us design a site for you, you will surely fall in love with our team’s skills and expertise. 

Mobile And Other Device-Friendly 

It is common knowledge now that most people nowadays use smartphones way more than they use desktop or laptop computers. This makes it essential to design websites compatible with smartphone and tablet displays. 

This opens up to a much larger demographic than previously. We prioritize responsiveness the most and make sure that your site can adapt to whatever device it is being viewed on.   

No More Worrying About Hosting 

Say goodbye to spending a fortune on hosting services. We know how much these web hosting giants such as GoDaddy, Hubspot, Amazon Web Services, etc. are charging for hosting on their servers. 

It is very hard, especially for small businesses, to afford these outrageously high prices. So we thought, why not offer hosting for free? Yes, that is absolutely correct, we offer web hosting for free for every website that we design for you. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a third-party hosting service anymore!

SSL Certificates For Free, Anyone?

If that was not the icing on the cake, here’s a bonus. If you are familiar with how websites work, you are aware of how important SSL certificates are. They are literal proof that your website is safe and secured, and that your customers can make payments to this site, safely. 

As it is such an important thing, we decided to make it free as well! So basically, when you sign up for Gorilla Digital’s web design service, you get hosting and SSL certificates for free. 

We Are Your Digital Marketing And Web Design Solution

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the services for the best web design in Galway from Gorilla Digital. Did you know we offer SEO on these websites too? If you want to hire us to help you grow your business by designing and improving your website, simply schedule a call with us and let us discuss everything in detail, shall we? 

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