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User-Friendly Web Design For Cork’s Businesses

Although website design is way more accessible to people now with all these website building platforms, having a professional do it is definitely a better option. And if you want an expert to do your web design in Cork, you have found the best of the best. 

We, at The Gorilla Digital, have a team of highly skilled and experienced website designers and builders who have been working in the industry for several years. 

Get Your Site Designed By Professionals 

While designing your site yourself, you may miss some key elements and not make it look professional enough. You can’t do business like that, my friend. An expert website designer knows what makes a website well structured and professional-looking. 

Our team has so far built more than 240 websites and they all have performed pretty well. So, you know that when you sign up for us, you guarantee your site will be business-ready. 

Responsive Design 

A large number of people use the internet from their phones and tablets nowadays as opposed to computers, compared to a few years ago. Which is why, it is more important now than ever to have a responsive website. 

Trust us, you don’t want your potential customers to have to view the desktop view of your website at all times. Phones have a different UI and the websites need to match that. 

You want to attract the smartphone and other device users too, and not just the computer or laptop users. Our team can build responsive websites that can morph to any screen size and be compatible with the device it is being viewed on.  

You Can Host It On Our Servers

Web hosting is a large issue that we see most businesses facing. To solve most of their problems, we offer free hosting on our own servers. So, all the websites we design will directly be hosted on our server and you don’t have to worry about hosting. 

Your Website Will Be Secured

As a business, you obviously want to conduct transactions through your website. If you can’t, what is even the point of having one? And the key element of being able to make/receive payments through your site is to have an SSL certificate. 

To allow you to hold transactions through your site we offer a free SSL certificate for all the websites that we design. 

We Also Do Search Engine Optimization 

Apart from designing your website, we can also make it SEO-friendly and make your customers convert. Our digital marketing team can make any website grow within a short time, so if you want your website designed and search engine optimized, we have got you covered. 

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Take The Gorilla approach with web designing and have us build your business’s website. So if you want to enjoy having our team do your web design in  Cork, contact us today and let us discuss how you want your site to look. 

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