how much do SEO services cost

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

Search Engine Optimization is a pretty high demand service in the marketing industry. But, how much do SEO services cost? Well, the prices may vary from 50 euros an hour to 300 euros an hour. This kind of depends on the agency you hire for getting your website’s SEO done. 

The larger the agency, the higher their prices would be. So you better be prepared to spend some cash on your business’s marketing, because SEO plays a pretty huge role in that. 

However, if you opt for The Gorilla Digital, you can save quite a lot of money. Let us explain why. 

If You Spend Once A Month

Assuming you go for the higher end digital marketing agencies, your expenses will be pretty high. Depending on what type of business you own and what your website is like, you might have to pay as high as 2000 euros, and sometimes it can even be up to 10,000 euros. 

Which definitely sucks, because you might as well not have the budget to afford this high of a price. Should that stop you from hiring an agency? Nope. 

If You Spend Once A Year

Okay, so we suppose that you decide to pay yearly. Typically the costs are somewhat reduced when paid yearly, but it wouldn’t really make that big of a difference here. The overall costs are still going to be high for the high-end agencies. 

What It Is Like With E-Commerce Sites

Generally, e-commerce sites are required to spend the most amount of money on SEO, as the work required to optimize them are the toughest. Hence the prices may be outrageously high sometimes. 

But again, that sort of depends on the type of agency you are dealing with. There are many mid-range digital marketing agencies that offer nearly high-end service and The Gorilla Digital just happens to be one of them. 

The Gorilla Digital Is Pretty Affordable 

If you compare the 2000 euros per month to the price we charge from our clients, you will find that ours is much more appealing. As previously mentioned, the prices usually vary depending on the type of business or website. 

Our prices range from 150 euros to 800 euros, making us a more budget-friendly option. At this price, we offer more or less everything a high-end agency would, but without making you go broke. 

Get Your Full Digital Marketing Solution On A Budget

Taking care of all your digital marketing needs, here at The Gorilla Digital, we don’t charge a ridiculous amount from our clients. From making your site perfectly optimized with thoroughly researched keywords, well-written content, and strategic backlinking, we make sure our clients pay only what they should be paying. 

So if you are still asking “how much do SEO services cost?” well, not much if you hire The Gorilla Digital for it. Schedule a call today and let’s plan how we are going to make your website rank on top of Google searches!

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