Shades of Dublin

Blinds Fitting Service Looking To Generate More Leads Through Their Website


Poorly designed website with little traffic and zero leads


Dublin, Ireland


No Leads from Website

Shades of Dublin was already generating a large number of leads through Facebook, but their website leads were non existent. They were losing out on a lot of potential traffic from Google.


Targeted SEO Campaign

The site now ranks for 100s of important keywords including blinds Dublin.

The Gorilla Digital started by identifying the keywords potential customers were searching for to find blinds services. When redesigning the website, The Gorilla Digital created location-based content that would appear in the local search results when a potential buyer searched for ‘blinds’ related keywords. Over the course of 12 months, the team were able to ranking Shades of Dublin number one for ‘blinds dublin’ which has resulted in a large increase in leads.

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